Frequently asked Questions

  • Does it affect SEO?

  • Web crawlers will see all content of your shop, even when its below the popup, so it should not cause any harm to your SEO.
  • Does it affect page speed?

  • The Popup was developed with page speed in mind. It does add only minimal delay to page loading times.
  • How to restrict the popup appearing only on homepage or some other page?

  • To manage the list of URL addresses where the popup is enabled, please go to options -> App visibility.
    This feature is only available in the premium plan.

    Example settings for displaying only on homepage:

  • Can the cookie expiry time be set to the duration of browser session?

  • Yes! Just set the 'Remember user for' field to 0 days.
  • Why is the popup not showing up?

  • Some of the reasons might be:

    * Your browser or a browser addon might be blocking third party scripts

    * The popup is disabled in app settings. Please check section'options' from main tab menu, there the option 'Enable/Disable App'

    * The popup wont show up for same user. Please try on another browser, another device, or using incognito/private browsing. You may also just clear your cookies and refresh the page.

    * The address might be disabled in the app visibility settings.

  • Question not answered?

  • Please contact support at [email protected] for any questions not answered in the FAQ