Confirm visitor age

Stay legal

Less worries

The app provides an age confirmation popup for your shop, which may be required by law to have, based on type of merchandise on sale and your country/jurisdiction.


Live preview

- can preview the look and feel before publishing any changes to your live store.

Easy presets

- saves time on customizing, you can choose one of predefined designs.

Remembers visitors

- is quick to load & display, has almost no effect on page loading speed.

Responsive design

- does not block content from being seen by search engines. No negative impact on SEO.


- does not show popup repeatedly to the same visitors. Can remember the visitor for configurable length of time. This feature uses cookies, but it can be disabled.

SEO aware

- looks good on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices!


- allows to redirect underage visitors to a custom URL address.

Design & Layout

- fully customizable.

Custom images

- upload custom background, or logo images.